Growing up Silkie Chicken in 2023
May, 28 2023

This year we are growing up Silkie Chicken. The first one hetched on May, 24. more...

First Videos 2022
April, 30 2022
Birds hatched
April, 28 2022

First birds hatched on 2022-04-26 more...

2022 A new birdbox season begins
April, 24 2022

In the past a more complex setup was used as bird box. In this season only a simple setup is being used. more...

A first video after the small birds have hatched
May, 12 2015

On May 11 the bird box was entered much more than the previous days - a first evidence that the small birds have hatched. more...

Some new impressions from the bird box
May, 9 2015

These are some of the latest pictures the bird box has taken between May 1st and May 8. more...

Great tit laid eggs
April, 28 2015

On Tuesday April 28. the great tit laid eggs. more...

Some first impressions from the bird box
April, 19 2015

In this bird box no infrared leds for illumination are installed. Some photos are quite dark... more...

First statistics from Bird Box
April, 18 2015

After two weeks of operation, its time to post a first statistical review of the detected visits in the Bird Box. more...

Raspberry Pi Birdbox
March, 26 2014

How to build a Raspberry Pi based bird box. more...