First statistics from Bird Box

Update: move on to the most current statistcs, here

After two weeks of operation, its time to post a first statistical review of the detected visits in the Bird Box. Right after the bird box was installed a Great Tit discovered the house.

Beginning on April 3rd both birds visited the bird box 720 times until April 18 which is an average of 45 visits per day.

Visits per day

Let us at first check, how many visits where detected each day. You may click on the image to get a more detailed view on the data. The maximum of 136 visits where counted on Wednesday, April 15.

 Visits per hour

The following diagram shows the activity in the bird box depending on the time of day. Each set represents the average activity per day detected in one hour. As you can see the birds are more active until noon. By the way, the bird box has it’s front looking to the west.

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